What is the best Content Management System?

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Yesterday I attended a networking event. There were several web developers and designers there and they all produce their sites on Joomla. One of them in no uncertain terms said to me how she would never consider WordPress as it was only a blogging platform refusing to put the one client she had produced a site for on her portfolio. I wasn’t aware that there was still such stigma against WordPress and this got me to thinking, does actually matter what CMS you use.  My conclusion if you care what the best content management system is, you’re missing the point.

The only thing web designers and developers should be focusing on is meeting a businesses objectives. This is likely selling more products, generating leads an enquiries. The point here is that by focusing on the tool your missing the objective. All Modern CMS’s have strengths and weaknesses but is ultimately down to how you use them which is important.  I used to build all our sites in Joomla in fact the last Joomla site running was the old Brand Aspect site which was live until January 2014. The other point here is slagging off other systems which ever one is counter productive since  if you’re not using it all you can speculate on what you have read elsewhere.

The skill is to get as efficient and creative as possible with tool you choose to use. Understand it’s limitations and it’s strengths and that’s how you’ll succeed.

So if you were expecting a list of features and benefits I’m sorry that this blog has not met your expectations. However if you are a web designer starting out try a few out see which one you like first and foremost, the one you can understand the template system/theme designing environment and the one that that has a community you can get on board with.  Then start learning how to use it by using it.

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