How to embed video in wordpress quickly and without code.

Below we will go through the easiest way to embed a video in your WordPress website and works from version 2.9 onwards.  Specifically this will show how to embed Youtube and Vimeo videos although the process will work with any oembed compatible site, so you can also use this for slide presentations, polls, surveys and other document types. For a full list see.

If you have a YouTube or Vimeo video the quickest way is to use the ‘oembed’ feature.  All you need to do is copy the address of the video and paste it in place. This means no head aches dealing with embed codes, WordPress will do all the work for you.  The only downside is that you loose some control in sizing and video player functions you would have when using traditional video embeding html.  Lets go through this with a YouTube example.

Stage 1: Go to Youtube and find the video you are looking for

Find a video on youtube
Find a video on youtube

Stage 2: Copy the link to the video

Copy the Url or link in the address bar
Copy the Url or link in the address bar by selecting Ctrl + C on the PC or Cmd + C on the Mac.

Stage 3: Paste the video link in to your page or post note: it makes no difference if you are in the visual editor or the text editor mode.

paste the link
paste the link where you want it in the page

Stage 4: Finally test this by either saving and publishing or ideally clicking preview just incase you encounter an issue.

Preview your embeded video
preview and test your embedded video before publishing

This technique will also work if you have a YouTube video playlist you are looking to embed in the website, If you are using vimeo simply find the video and go through the same process.